How it works - How to get on board (for Tour Operators and DMCs)

Our Public Library feature will allow you to be visible as participating DMC/Tour Operator to our thousands of travel agencies and to mark your Library templates of your own choice as Public in a matter of seconds with a simple click. These Public templates can be viewed by all of our luxury advisors to reference or even insert into a sample itinerary or proposal in their account.

Please take a look at our article for Travel Advisors to view how it works from their end. This is our support article for them.


Click Here to view our 4min recording on how to setup your account to be participating for free and become a Public Library option, participant, to our travel advisors. 


If you prefer see below screenshots of your setup in your Axus account.

Inside the login of the primary advisor/admin of your Axus organization (by default the primary advisor is the first person who created an account for that organization), you look for the Orgs tab on the upper menu. And then you click on Edit. 


Enable the Public Library feature to your organization and fill in the fields that the Travel Advisors will see when they select your company from the Public Library participants. 


Mark your templates Public inside your Library (all your templates will continue by default to be Private and you simply need to click on the icon to turn Public). Choose individually the templates you would like to be visible, accessible by the travel advisors (it can be library templates of different kinds such as Itinerary Templates to be Itinerary sample ideas, it can be Tours, it be Documents, Epage, etc.) 

Reconfirming to you that only the templates manually set as Public, when you click on the icon from Private to Public, will be visible to travel agencies. 



Please contact Bruno Mathieu Roy at for more details and questions.


AXUS has enjoyed significant growth since launching in 2014, on both the agency and TO/DMC side. We have thousands of travel advisors using AXUS in various markets around the world. We are preferred partners with Signature, Virtuoso, Traveller Made, and Travel Leaders Group.

Many times, it can be quite difficult and costly to spread awareness of your brand and easily provide visibility of your services at scale. Our Public Library, represents a large opportunity in helping to garner this awareness from the AXUS network of luxury advisors, being present in the tool they rely on and access daily for most.

Additionally, if your organization is well-positioned and known, participating in our Public Library will simply give advisors a higher speed and efficiency.  This allows your team to provide a better service and it could save countless hours in back-and-forth communications with advisors.



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