Can the traveler make changes to the app?

The traveler can add a simple booking to their itinerary on the mobile app. They can also edit and delete the booking that they add.

(They cannot edit nor delete bookings added by their travel advisor.)


Travelers can click inside their specific itinerary on the app.

itin feed on app.png


Once inside the trip, Travelers should click on the + (plus sign) at the top right corner of the screen.

plus button to add booking.png


A pop of screen will display and allow travelers to add their own items such as dinner reservations, spa appointments, or a last minute activity.

The simple template includes the following:

  • Name of activity
  • Date
  • Time
  • Website
  • Notes

Travelers can fill in the details.

ACTIVITY: Spa Appointment

DATE: 2023-09-13

TIME: 11:00 AM


NOTES: Nashville Woodhouse Spa. CONFIRMED.

add simple booking.png


Here is the booking on the app.

(Information on reordering a booking is explained at the end of this article.)

spa appt before reorder.png


Click on the 3 dots within the booking on the app. There will be an option to EDIT or DELETE that simple booking.

edit delete simple booking option.png


EDIT the simple booking:

edit simple booking on app.png


DELETE the simple booking

delete simple booking on app.png



Travelers can also change the order of their bookings on the app.

Click on the THREE DOTS


Day slot order (change via the dropdown)


Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 1.33.22 PM.png


Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 1.33.05 PM.png

If the traveler doesn't want to change the order on their own, the travel advisor can make the change on the AXUS WEBSITE.

Inside the itinerary on the AXUS WEBSITE, the travel advisor will see a tiny, yellow triangle or a "warning icon" to the left of items that are added by the traveler. There will also be a tiny, "i" inside a circle symbol.

traveler added website 1 - triangle.pngtraveler added website 2 - i circle.png


The advisor can fix the item and use our drag/drop feature to reorder the booking with the same day. They can also click on the yellow triangle to remove it.

drag to reorder booking section.png

correct order + triangle missing.png


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