How can I add itineraries to my own mobile app?

As a reminder: The phone app (traveler perspective) has its own set of credentials, which will be different than what you are using to log into the agent perspective at To create your own App Credentials please follow the step by step details below: 

To view itineraries on your own mobile app, you will want to add yourself as a traveler to each itinerary. 

If a traveler profile already exists for your name, you will select "Add Travelers" and search for your name under Assign. 

Otherwise, if you have not yet created a traveler profile for yourself, select "Add Travelers" and create a new profile.

*Note: please first check if a traveler profile exists prior to creating a NEW one

Each time you would like an itinerary pushed to your own mobile app, add this traveler profile to the itinerary. 

 A few items to note:

1. To prevent your name from displaying on the itinerary web view and pdf, use the Edit Itinerary (Gear icon) to open the itinerary level window. In the "Itinerary For" field, enter the traveler names just as you would like them to appear on the itinerary's pdf and web view (i.e. remove your name from this field if it displays).

2. The app was created for the traveler perspective and therefore, cannot "house" a ton of itineraries at once. Our recommendation is to REMOVE your traveler profile off archived trips as they are completed in order to make room for new upcoming trips. 

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