Can I disable in-app messaging from travelers?

Agents have the option to disable the traveler's ability to send messages. Travelers will still receive all messages sent from their agent, they just cannot reply. 

In order to disable messaging, please go to your agency profile by clicking your name in the top right corner of the screen.



Scroll down until you see the check box to "disable messages from travelers."



*Please note this box, as a default, will be UNCHECKED. If you choose to disable messaging, you will need to check off this box. 

Once the box to disable messaging has been checked off:

1) Travelers that are not running the latest version of AXUS will still see an area to "send a message." However, if they try sending a message an "Alert" will pop up. 

2) Travelers that have the current version of AXUS (anyone who has updated their apps or has recently downloaded AXUS) will not see an option to SEND a message. 



**We do recommend that you inform current travelers if their messaging feature will no longer be active**

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