How do I add images to itineraries and bookings?

AXUS provides three easy ways to add images to an itinerary or individual booking:

1. Select and upload from image files saved to your computer (JPG or PNG files).


2. Copy and paste an image URL from the internet:  

3. Search AXUS's integrated destinations gallery featuring thousands of copyright free images for your use.

These options are found at the Itinerary level (Gear icon to "Edit Itinerary") or within a Booking edit window.

More information on image sizing can be found here: What image and logo sizes should I use?

AXUS also remembers images that you have previously added to a booking. Once you've added an image to a booking, check off the box to "Copy to Library." The next time anyone in your organization selects that vendor, the image and all general fields (i.e. non traveler specific fields) will populate from your Organization's Library. Simply select the booking vendor or title from the drop down menu.

More information on utilizing the Library section of your AXUS account can be found here: How to work with your Organization's Library



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