As a Travel Advisor why can't I see all the trips on my app?

We are aware of this limitation. This goes back to the original purpose of the mobile app. The AXUS Travel App was created for travelers who have 1 to 5 current or future itineraries attached to their traveler profile. It was not created to support the number of itineraries travel advisors would like to have on the app.

Recently, we made a change by making past/archived trips accessible through web view links versus storing them on the app. This helped but we understand that you want to see all of your trips.

We are thinking of ways to adapt our mobile app for travel planners.

For now, we recommend three options:

1 – Add yourself as a Traveler only to trips that are to happen immediately, like in the coming week or two. This will reduce the load time of adding several trips at once. Use our Task Reminders feature on itineraries to set reminders of when you need to add yourself to an upcoming trip.

2 – View your trips on the browser of your phone, not the mobile app, accessing the website just as you would on a computer.

3 – Access your trips using the All Itineraries Link. You can find this inside your EDIT TRAVELER box on the AXUS website. Bookmark or save that link on your browser or your phone.


For the next development project in this area, we plan to have a link similar to option three (listed above). In this case, you won't be required to add yourself as Traveler. It will include published trips only for current and future itineraries. You will be able to open a web view of an itinerary and edit a trip inside the website.


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