Create Your Own Custom E-Pages



Often you will find that you need to create a communication that doesn't require dates or even Day 1, 2 concept.  Our new E-Pages allow you to do just that, essentially giving you a blank canvas but still providing a similar look and feel as your itineraries.  Sample use cases : Custom City Guide, Personalized Bucket List Link of Itineraries, E-letter with hyper link to an e-signature or online form.


These Directories/E-Pages are NOT  itineraries and can not be viewed in the app however they can be viewed as a web link (URL) or as a PDF or hyperlinked to elsewhere.


E-Pages can be emailed directly to any individual/s right from the actual link, perfect if you only need to send information to a lead traveler or decision maker.


To assist with the structure we have incorporated a new ability to create a category Header or Sub Header using the Other/Notes booking type.  To create a Header you will simply add a new Other/Notes booking type and then select the box that says Header Only.  If it is a Sub Header you will repeat the previous step but then select Sub Header from the Priority drop down as seen here: 



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