All Itineraries Web View Link


Your travelers will be able to view their ITINERARY TRIP HISTORY as a WEB VIEW LINK.

Go to the TRAVELERS tab (top menu).

Click on the first letter of the traveler's last name.

Go to the corresponding 3 dots menu on the far right.

In the dropdown, select "View all Itineraries Public Link."



You will be taken to the ALL ITINERARIES WEB VIEW LINK where you can see all of your traveler's past, present and future trips. Share this link in an email with your traveler so they can reference all of their trips!



To disable this public link:

Click the GEAR icon to EDIT TRAVELER for a specific client.



On the EDIT TRAVELER popup, uncheck the "Display Public Link" box in the bottom left corner.

Click the SAVE TRAVELER button.




You'll also see the "View all Itineraries Public Link" inside the EDIT TRAVELER popup on the bottom left corner.







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