Email Customization at the Itinerary Level


You can customize your email invite to your traveler for their upcoming trip. You can create specific email invites at the itinerary level for all your itineraries. These crafted itinerary invites will go out the attached traveler once a trip is published.


Maybe you decided to stick with the default AXUS email, inviting travelers to download the app. Perhaps, you've set your own custom organization email to send out a specific greeting to all your travelers.


We have another option too! Create an email for a specific trip. This can be useful for special events, corporate trips, honeymoons, and other types of travel reservations.


How to set up a unique email at the itinerary level

Find your itinerary on the main itineraries page.

Go inside your itinerary.

Head to the right side of your bookings.

Click on the EMAIL CUSTOMIZATION link.



When you click on the link, you'll be taken to an Email Customization pop up box.

Here, you might see default text from the custom email that was set at the org level.



Check the box, ENABLE EMAIL CUSTOMIZATION, to craft your custom itinerary email.

You can also check the box, SHOW ITINERARY IMAGE IN TRAVELER'S CREDENTIALS BACKGROUND. This will pull in the cover photo from your itinerary.




Craft your email

  • Add a CUSTOM EMAIL SUBJECT such as: "Mable's 50th Birthday Celebration!" or "View your Mediterranean Adventure Itinerary on your Mobile App!"
  • Add a CUSTOM EMAIL GREETING such as: "Dear," "Hello," "Greetings," etc.
  • Add a CUSTOM EMAIL TEST. List details about their trip. You could tell them about a special tour they're going on at that specific destination.


Click the PREVIEW button to view the custom email for the itinerary.



Click the SAVE button to save your unique email.

Once you’re ready to send out the itinerary to your traveler's app, select PUBLISH and your crafted email will be sent for that specific itinerary.







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