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Welcome to your HOME PAGE within the AXUS platform.

Here, you'll get a bird's eye view of your AXUS account. Find your profile and billing information, view your tasks for the day, see how many itineraries you've created this month, get the last AXUS news and so much more!



Count your itineraries...

Total published itineraries DEPARTING this month.

Total number of itineraries PUBLISHED.

Total number of itineraries CREATED in this month.





View the calendar...

Take a look at the calendar for traveler start and end dates and search for small, colored dots.

Green is the start date of a trip.

Red is the end date of a trip.


Click on a date to see the itinerary title. 

On the date pop up box, a hyperlink will take you to a specific itinerary





Edit your contact information and personal settings. Edit the custom email, logo, and accent color. Reset your password. If you use the CRM ClientBase, you'll see your settings at the bottom of the page.


View your subscription or payment info.


View data reports on your itineraries such as Itineraries by Month/Year, Itineraries by Status, Travelers, and more. Hover your mouse over a specific report and click on the "hamburger menu" in the top right corner. Select "Download Data." You'll be able to download the information as a CSV Excel File.



Become an AX-PERT! View recordings on topical trainings. These are basic and advanced. Get information on webinar times.






View Today's Tasks. 

You'll see a total number of all your itinerary reminders.

If nothing is due on the current day, it will say: "There are no reminders today."

Click on the TOTAL NUMBER inside the green circle.


You'll be directed to a pop up LIST OF ALL REMINDERS.


Here, you can COMPLETE ALL reminders and DELETE ALL reminders.

You can EDIT, click the "X" to delete, and COMPLETE a reminder in this pop up box.


On the left side you'll see the TITLES of your reminders, reminder dates, and the itinerary names where the reminder belong.


Perhaps your reminder is set for the wrong date. You can EDIT and change the reminder date.

You can do this for several reminders.


If the reminders are set for the CURRENT DATE, they will show up under TODAY'S TASKS. Inside each reminder box, you'll see a link to the reminder and a link to the itinerary. There, you can complete the reminder. The task total number will change.





The reminders that you complete will disappear from the LIST OF ALL REMINDERS



To view the reminders that you've COMPLETED, go to your SPECIFIC ITINERARY and find the reminders inside the Task Manager. (Click on the Task Manager icon inside the title box.)


CLICK HERE for an in depth tutorial on the Task Manager.



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