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As we work to continue to bring you the latest content on travel and destinations, we are proud to host a series of live limited-access destination webinars conducted by DMCs and Tour Operators that are part of the AXUS collaboration network. This series of destination-specific content is called AXUS Point. The live registration is limited to the first 150 participants. Each session will be recorded and made available on-demand. 




Join us as we explore the Adriatic with the bespoke travel experts from Adriatic Travel Collection. The destinations in Adriatic Travel Collection's portfolio are as diverse as the geography that defines them - from the hilltop towns and country estates of Istria to the charming ports and island villages of Dalmatia and Montenegro. With so many historical and natural influences, there are many paths a trip can take. Adriatic Travel Collection provides complete incoming services to respectable clients from all over the world. Located in the heart of Dubrovnik, one of the treasures of Croatia, the staff of Adriatic Travel Collection boasts more than 15 years of in-country experience crafting high-touch, tailored itineraries from family tours to romantic escapes, ensuring seamless and memorable journeys.

Titanium Tourstitanium.jpg

JoinJesus Repetto, Co-Founder, and CEO of Titanium Tours, to discover why Titanium Tours is a multiple award-winning DMC for Spain, Portugal, and France. Titanium Tours sells only through travel advisors, and they are based both in the US and Spain. Titanium Tours is proud to create handcrafted FIT itineraries for Spain, Portugal, and France, from Pre and Post stand-alone experiences to complete itineraries. The team has a finessed obsession with high touch customer service and is committed to helping you sell more FIT packages to your customers fast and easily.




Portugal By TravelTailorsPortugal-travel-tailors.png

Register for next week's live webinar on Monday, July 20th at 1:00PM ET, as we are hosting Portugal by TravelTailors to discuss various luxury experiences in Portugal, a country filled with history, culture, and tradition. From north to south, there are amazing boutique hotels in charming towns waiting to be discovered, breath-taking ocean views, magnificent landscapes, unique architecture, gastronomic delights, and perfume-filled wines…you name it; Portugal has it!

Portugal by TravelTailors is an inbound luxury travel operator, owned by an American-Portuguese travel expert. They are aimed at revealing to only a few fortunate travelers the hidden gems of Portugal, either as a singular experience, or combined with other destinations in Europe, North Africa, or the rest of the world. If what your clients are looking for is the unexpected, the unique, the right moment, then Portugal by TravelTailors is your best partner. They are experts at providing travelers with bespoke travel experiences through fully tailor-made travel itineraries. Their high-quality service and immaculate professionalism will bring you excellent feedback, business growth, and total peace of mind!




Watch the on-demand webinar with Eurobound to discuss various luxury European tour packages. Eurobound specializes in providing tailor-made European tours packages for FIT’s. Working exclusively with travel agents, Eurobound is truly a one-stop shop, arranging every detail of your clients trip from take-off to landing. For you, this means one centralized Eurobound contact and one commission, paid up-front. With a multi-national team based in the US and Europe, they deliver fast turn-around times. With suppliers based in every European country, they can promise thoughtful local insight as well as 24/7 support.





On-Demand Webinars

Celebrated Experiences

Join Ty Horn, COO of  Celebrated Experiences, on Monday, June 29th @ 1:00PM ET as he shares how Celebrated Experiences is built to help your business - now more than ever by helping you maximize revenue and referrals. You will learn why Celebrated Experiences is one of the world’s most unique travel suppliers. 




Iceland Encounter

Learn from Sigridur Didda Aradottir, the Travel Designer for Iceland Encounter, as we explore excellent Iceland destinations that can be booked as the country begins to reopen for tourism. The natural elements in Iceland are unpredictable and sometimes harsh, which makes traveling with a guide essential to making adventures safe and pleasant while giving the traveler an authentic feel for Iceland and its culture.



Mai 10


Join this insightful webinar with Maita Barrenechea, the owner of Mai 10. Explore with Maita Barrenechea, as we discuss various destinations in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay that are based on uniqueness along with some exclusive insights on the behind-the-scenes opportunities available from local experts on the culture of these destinations. 


Costa Rican Trails & Panama Trails


Watch the on-demand webinar with Adriana Salguero, Commercial Director of Costa Rican Trails and Panama Trails, as she discusses the reasons why Costa Rica and Panama are perfect destinations in post Covid-19 recovery. Discover offerings that include secluded and intimate boutique accommodation and exclusive experiences specially designed to immerse in nature and preservation.


 Context Travel


Danielle Pitonyak, Partner Sales Director of Context Travel, discusses topics around preparing for when travel returns, the actions they are taking to prepare, and their current online seminar series, Context Conversations. 


Big Five Tours & Expeditions


President of Big Five Tours & Expeditions, Ashish Sanghrajka, presented a variety of uncommon adventures in extraordinary places in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the South Pacific. 













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