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Latest Recorded Webinars

Whether you are looking to get creative, find inspiration, or simply save time on already populated itinerary information, join us in this insightful webinar as we explore exotic destinations and unique adventures. We will be showcasing various dream itineraries that are already templated and ready to use inside of your AXUS platform. 



Pre Travel & Post Travel
Learn about all the booking components you need to add to the Pre Travel and Post Travel sections of your itinerary.

Recorded on May 12.

Crafting and Integrating Post Trip Surveys
Learn how to use Google Forms to create interactive surveys that can be embedded into your itineraries.

Recorded on May 13.

Customizing Your
Invitation Email
How to create a customized email for your travelers, inviting them to download the app.

Recorded on May 14.

Learn About
the Dashboard+


 Put your AXUS itinerary data to work. Learn about this add-on product. Your Dashboard+ will include many useful reports on your AXUS usage.

Recorded on May 20.

NEW In App
Contact Feature

Learn how to set up the NEW advisor contact feature and incorporate it within your itineraries. 

Recorded on May 21.

Optimal Ways for Copying Itineraries

Best practices and tips for when you need to copy itineraries.

Recorded on May 26.

Discovering the Public Library Enhancements for the Advisor

Axus offers a Public Library where advisors can view and import sample itineraries and bookings directly into their own accounts from participating Tour Operators and DMCs.

Recorded on May 27.

Public Library Benefits for the Tour Operator

Learn about the benefits of the Public Library in this Tour Operator focused webinar. 

Recorded on May 28.

Recorded April Webinars

 Understanding the Staff Traveler Function

Understanding what the staff traveler feature is all about and how to implement it within AXUS.

Recorded on April 30.

Using Internal & Collaborator Notes

How to utilize Internal Notes (your organization's planning space) and Collaboration Notes (for communication with collaborators) all inside the AXUS platform.

Recorded on April 29. 

Group Travel

Best Practices when preparing itineraries for Group Travel.

Recorded on April 28.

How To Make A Trip Proposalmockup-of-an-imac-at-an-office-21622-Recovered.png

Showcasing the basics of creating a professional trip proposal that you can turn into an impressive, future itinerary for your travelers.

Recorded on April 23.


How to integrate your system with Axus, and become familiar with our currently set-up integrations.

Recorded on April 22.

Behind The Three Dots

A tutorial on the THREE DOTS MENU.

We're talking about features such as: duplicate, delete, insert page-break, and more!

Recorded on April 21.

Harnessing the Power of Collaboration in the Platform

How to successfully collaborate on an Axus itinerary. This is helpful for a travel advisor working with another travel advisor as well as a vendor working with a travel advisor. Collaborate inside and outside your organization.

Recorded on April 16.

Update Your Axus Profile


How to update your Axus Profile and edit components such as: font type, font size, custom welcome email, and logo.

Recorded on April 15.

My Maps

How to incorporate Google Maps to your Axus itinerary.

Recorded on April 14.

How To Use Your Library

How to make the best use of your organization's library.

Recorded on April 9.

Get the Most Out of AXUS
with Hyperlinks!

How to incorporate weather, videos, surveys, and more using Hyperlinks.

Recorded on April 8.

Create Beautiful Collages
in Minutes!

How to create a beautiful itinerary, cover photo, or collage using Canva. 

Recorded on April 7.  


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