Getting Started with Tramada

Tramada using advisors have the ability to push itineraries directly into AXUS as a new UNPUBLISHED itinerary.

To effortlessly view your Tramada itinerary inside AXUS, request the AXUS Enhanced Itinerary Builder module from your Tramada contact. When you log on to Tramada you will then be able to send the itinerary through the itinerary options.


To successfully import from Tramada into AXUS you must be the booking advisor on the itinerary in Tramada and your Tramada email address must match the USER NAME email address that you are using inside of your AXUS profile.

After importing the itinerary from Tramada into AXUS you can then easily add additional items to the itinerary such as Contact detail, dining recommendations, destination contact, images, documents, travel guides.  You can enhance and add to the bookings that have transferred over from Tramada however please note that if you add more information into Tramada and then re-import into AXUS it will fully replace the Tramada information while preserving any booking items that you added directly in AXUS.


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