Avanti Destinations

How to export itineraries from the Avanti website into Axus:

Avanti Destinations’ Itineraries can be exported directly from the Agent Portal.


PLEASE NOTE: Your Avanti Destinations Agent Portal email address must match your Axus Login email address.

(You can check your Axus email address by going to your name in the top right corner, selecting PROFLE, and finding your email address on the left side.)


Open your itinerary in the Agent Portal and click on BOOKING ACTIONS/EMAIL followed by Email Passenger Day By Day Itinerary.



Click on the button at the top side of your screen.


Your page will reload and there will be a notice that your Itinerary exported to AXUS successfully.



You'll find the Avanti import listed as a separate itinerary on your main itineraries page.


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