Can the traveler make changes to the app?

The traveler can add a simple item to their mobile app. 

Inside their itinerary on the app, travelers can click on the + (plus sign) at the top right corner.

This icon will allow travelers to add their own items such as dinner reservations, spa appointments, or a last minute activity.


The simple template includes the following:

  • Name of activity
  • Date
  • Time
  • Notes


Travelers can fill in the details.

For example, they can add Ice skating to the app. They will want to include the title (Ice skating), date (2019-12-05), time (2:00 PM), and notes (adding extra info they'll want to remember).


The traveler can can also delete the bookings they create.



The traveler does not have capability to edit their booking.


If the traveler wants to edit or move an item to a different date, they should reach out to their travel advisor and ask the advisor to edit the item on the AXUS WEBSITE.

The advisor can fix the item and use our drag/drop feature to move the item to another day.

Otherwise, if an item needs to be changed, the traveler can simply delete it and create a new item on the app.


Please Note:

The traveler does not have the ability to edit or delete any of the bookings that the travel advisor has created within the itinerary.

Also, inside the itinerary on the AXUS WEBSITE, the travel advisor will see a tiny, yellow triangle or a "warning icon" to the left of items that are added by the traveler.








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