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Introducing Your Reporting AXUS Dashboard+

Put your AXUS itinerary data to work. Gain critical customer insights by filtering your company itineraries by user, departure, status, and many more fields. By knowing key data about your travelers' itineraries, you can make more informed decisions and generate swift data at your fingertips. This add-in product dashboard enables you to prioritize core features and services for a fixed introductory set-up price.

Key Features:

  • Real-time on-demand dashboard URL reporting
  • Sort selection of important analytics
  • Export to Excel spreadsheet to fit your reporting workflow

 Real-Time On-Demand


The unique URL dashboard link allows you to view your company's most important consumer insights in real-time. 

Sort Reporting Fields


Generate the data tables based on your company's most important consumer insights.

  • Total itineraries by consultant
  • Arrange itineraries by trip status
  • Filter by country, region, name and more*

*Note: The field filters for the number of itineraries based on country and city/region will be enabled at the point of purchase for future itinerary information. Although the fields will be available for previous itineraries, the fields will need to be retroactively adjusted by the user.

Export to Excel


The options functionality allows you to download the table data into a spreadsheet.

Facts to Know

  • Only the advisor/admin of an Axus organization can purchase this dashboard.
  • After you purchase the dashboard, you'll be able to see two new fields (Country, Region/City) inside the "EDIT ITINERARY" section. Here you can obtain the country and region/city reports.
  • Anything that advisors/colleagues of one organization add to Axus will be captured in their reports.
  • Hotels, tours, countries, etc. must have the EXACT same value in order to create a total. For example, for a hotel on a report, Four Seasons Paris is on a separate line from Paris Four Seasons.
  • If reports are downloaded, advanced filtering is available with excel functionalities.
  • The report calculates room nights for a hotel by multiplying the number of rooms by the number of nights on the hotel bookings. For accuracy, each room category must be its own room. For example, if you have 2 Deluxe Rooms, you must add two rooms to the hotel booking.


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