How to import a Tourplan itinerary into AXUS

AXUS's integration with Tourplan runs on Tourplan Distribution, Enterprise and NX versions only.  

Getting Started - How to set up the integration: 

The first step is to check with your Tourplan Support local team. A Message template (message code ZAXS) will need to be inserted in your Tourplan account and adjusted to your company for best mapping between the two systems. We will need your hostconnect URL and you will need to ask your Tourplan team to validate our IP address.

Once complete, the below steps will take you through the process of importing a Tourplan itinerary in AXUS. In addition, steps 2-7 will demo how to further complete the itinerary in order to send the information off to your clients: 

1) How to import a Tourplan itinerary into AXUS 

Note: Import can take up to 45 seconds  

2) How to add your logo and color

3) How to save an image to your Axus Library and re-use on future imports

4) How to hide to a booking from the traveler perspective 

5) How to invite a collaborator

6) How to add travelers

7) How to send off to travelers

Questions? Please contact Bruno at

Interested in acquiring Tourplan, please let us know and we will direct you to the right office/contact.  

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