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Instructions on how to share a copy of your itinerary with friends and family, as well as download a copy for anytime viewing can be found below: 

NOTE: steps may slightly vary for different types of Android devices. 

*For a video overview of this process scroll down 

1) Click on the Screen_Shot_2019-01-26_at_2.49.58_PM.png icon in the top right corner of your app, once you have entered the day to day itinerary 


2) The PDF will begin to download, once the download is complete open the file to view. NOTE: If your Android does not have a pre-installed PDF reader, we recommend downloading a free version via your Google Play store (for example Adobe Acrobat Reader) 

3) Click the Screen_Shot_2019-01-27_at_2.16.08_PM.png icon to open sharing preferences 


3) From here, you can share the PDF link with friends and family 


4) To locate the downloaded PDF, head to your Android's "My Files" application. You can always use your Android's search bar to quickly pull up the "My Files" app



A video overview can be found below or for a direct link to view in a larger window, click here:

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