How to add the ShoreTrips in app purchasing feature

AXUS and ShoreTrips introduce an easy way for travelers to book ShoreTrips excursions directly through their mobile app! 

The ShoreTrips in app purchasing feature can be added per EACH itinerary, allowing the agent to choose which of their itineraries and clients will have access to book through their app. 

To connect this feature, please follow the below steps: 

Step 1 - Ensure that you have connected your ShoreTrip Link ID to your AXUS account. 


Step 2 - once you have connected your ShoreTrips Link ID, click the GEAR icon "Edit Itinerary" to enable the ShoreTrips activity icon to the mobile app. This would connect in-app purchasing for all travelers tied to that specific itinerary. 

A quick video of this process can be found here: 

Once the above is connected - the below icon will display within the day to day section of the itinerary on the traveler's mobile app 


When selecting the icon, the traveler is redirected to a traveler friendly merchant site for ShoreTrips. The traveler is then able to browse through various excursions and activities. If the traveler makes a purchase, the commission is directly given to the agent. 

NOTE: if the traveler makes a purchase, the booking does not automatically auto-populate to the traveler's mobile app. To add the item to their itinerary, the traveler will use the "+" icon in the top right corner of their app or simply request from their agent to add on their behalf. The agent can choose to enter the information manually or utilize the ShoreTrips import feature via their AXUS login


A quick video of the traveler perspective from the mobile app, can be found here: 




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