Importing Project Expeditions

You can import activities/tours/excursions from Project Expeditions (both confirmed bookings and suggested ones).  In addition to importing items you can also use the "Set up Drip Email Campaign" this will passover itinerary, date, location and selected traveler emails to the Project Expeditions team who will then promote Project Expeditions on your behalf all while earning you commission. 

See the below video for more detail on how to firstly connect your PE account to your AXUS account and then how to import confirmed bookings and proposed items and also how to engage the PE team to promote PE activities directly to the end traveler.



For AXUS access token:
-> To generate your AXUS access token, open your Project Expedition Account page
-> Within My Account->Integrations 
-> On AXUS, click "Generate Token"
-> After generating a token, copy and paste it into the Project Expedition modal in AXUS as seen in the video above. 
For drip campaign:
-> With this feature, Project Expedition can automatically send your referral link to clients for a specific trip.
-> Any bookings your clients make will be automatically linked to your account for commission
-> The email from Project Expedition will be white-labeled with your logo, your name, agency name
-> Project Expedition will send reminders (60, 30, 14, 7, 3) days in advance of the travel date
-> Further information on drip campaigns can be seen here:



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