Classic Vacations API

Classic Vacations is now using our PUSH API so that the Travel Advisor can push itineraries into AXUS directly from their Classic agent portal.


The Classic Vacation agent login email must match the Travel Advisor's email address, similar to all Push Integrations.  


While we still have the Classic Vacations import option under the VENDOR import button, here is another way to bring over your bookings.


(1) Click SIGN IN in the top right-hand corner on


sign in 1.png


(2) Enter your agency ID#, user ID, and password to Sign In


Classic Vacations.png



After logging in, click MY BOOKINGS


my bookings.png


Locate and CLICK ON your preferred booking in the Booking List  


booking list.png


(1) Click the SHARE button, then (2) click SEND TO AXUS


trip to wailea.png


A window will pop-up asking to confirm you want to send the booking to AXUS. Click YES.


send booking.png


Your booking should now appear in AXUS.

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