How to log in to the AXUS Website and AXUS Travel App


Go to

Enter in your username and password.

Password issues:

If you don't have an account, please visit

Once you've signed up, please revisit


In order to use the app, a traveler profile is needed. The AXUS website login uses a different username & password. You will need to create a traveler profile for yourself or use the ADVISOR VIEW.



We encourage you to use our Advisor View which automatically pulls up all of your PUBLISHED itineraries behind an Advisor View icon on your phone.


Here is the support article how to bookmark the previous link to your home page:



If you prefer to push all of the published trips to the traveler app, you will need to reduce the app is storing/managing at one point.


The app was designed as a way for the end traveler to pull up their itineraries, not necessarily as a way for the advisor to track all their client's trips by adding themselves as a traveler.


You can add yourself as a traveler to an itinerary a week or two before the actual trip.


Traveler Profiles and Publishing an Itinerary

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