Connecting my travel42 account to AXUS

travel42 guides can be found by via your Icon Dashboard below. Select the Guides icon and "Connect" to begin: 


Users WITHOUT a travel42 subscription can sign up for a 14 day free trial by clicking Free travel42 Trial* 

*Upon clicking this button you will be directed to the travel42 website. An automatic promo code will be entered - click "Apply" to unlock the free 14 day trial.

Users WITH a subscription to travel42 will need to locate their External ID** prior to clicking Connect 

**To find the External ID click "Get your ID" - this will direct the user to their travel42 online account. 


Click "Edit Profile"

After locating the External Id, copy the Id and paste into AXUS - click Connect 

A successful connection will show the following: 

Once connected to the travel42 account, simply click "Add Guides" and begin typing the destinations. Click "Submit" to add the guides to the itinerary 




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