Collaborating in AXUS

Save time and energy as you freely collaborate with other travel professionals to build a more unified itinerary quickly and efficiently. Simply "Invite Collaborators, DMC, or Tour Operators" to your individual AXUS itineraries. 

Users are able to invite both current AXUS users and non AXUS users to collaborate:

Once a collaborator has been added using the blue area above, an automatic email will be sent from the primary advisor inviting them to collaborate on the itinerary. The collaborator will have the ability to add new booking components directly into the itinerary from his own Axus account or from a free basic Axus account if he isn't an Axus user. This itinerary is now a shared itinerary with everyone present on the Collaboration section (blue area of the image above). 

For more information on collaborating with advisors within your organization please refer to the following article: How To Add Multiple Advisors In My Organization To My Itineraries

Collaborators, Axus users and Non AXUS users can be anyone from a DMC, Tour Operator, On-site, Concierge, Hotel, Tour guide, Travel agency, etc. 

A non AXUS user will have the ability once inside AXUS to upgrade to a fully interactive account if they would like to create their OWN itineraries. 

* Please note, the PDF and Web-view can be accessed by all collaborators.

For more information on collaborator permissions and how to "lock" and "unlock" bookings please refer to the following article: Lock/ Unlocking Bookings

Information on co-branding an itinerary can be found here: Co-Branding Itineraries


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