Co-Branding Itineraries between an Advisor and Collaborator

Once a collaborator has been added to an itinerary, by default their company logo will also be featured on the online itinerary and on the PDF.  You can view and control the logo and branding settings by selecting the "edit itinerary" icon, the gear icon.

The advisor or collaborator can determine which logo(s) will appear on the online itinerary and PDF. To hide/remove a logo, simply click on it. Both the advisor and collaborator can UPLOAD additional logos (i.e. corporate logos, incentive travel, headshots, etc)

To switch the featured contact information and coloring that carry through to the PDF and online web view - click the drop down arrow and select the name. This will automatically change all coloring and contact details to the designated advisor/ collaborator on the online web view and PDF.

*Rule of Thumb, if an advisor is collaborating with a tour operator or DMC the advisor will want to make sure their agency branding/coloring is assigned, to do so just make sure to select your name from the drop down. 


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