How to Create Linked Bookings between Itineraries (Original/Main Itinerary Concept)

Agents can "branch off" an existing itinerary to duplicate and create linked bookings for individual group itineraries.

Linking will allow bookings to stay "in-sync" as information is updated. *See "Save All" instructions below

To begin, select the 3 dots icon and "Copy Itinerary"


Once within the pop-up window, the agent can choose which bookings to copy AND link. 

If a booking is checked off to "link," it will automatically be checked off to "copy" as well. However, you can always "copy" a booking and choose not to have it "linked."

After the selected bookings have been checked off, the agent can choose to add the bookings to a "Current Itinerary" or "New Itinerary" 


Bookings that are linked will appear with the below icon:


When editing a LINKED booking, the agent will have the ability to "Save All" (which will automatically update linked bookings across multiple itineraries) or "Save" (which will save only that individual booking).


 Please note:

*Date fields do not update automatically for Linked booking segments. All date fields will need to be adjusted within EACH booking individually.

*Users can copy/link to a CURRENT itinerary when the itinerary is under their ITINERARIES tab (i.e the user must be connected as a collaborator or the primary advisor of the itinerary)

*Supporting documents, guides, and travelers profiles will not transfer into a new itinerary when a booking(s) is copied or linked

* When copying an itinerary from an archived itinerary the copied itinerary will have all of the dates stripped out so that you can assign future dates

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