Importing from Signature Cruises

Signature Cruises can be imported into AXUS two ways:

1) Through Client Base by entering the Cruise Vendor and Offer ID (under Promo ID). The updated reservation will then sync cruise information and ports of call directly into AXUS. 

 2) Directly through AXUS - Should you choose not to import the cruise by entering the offer ID into CB there is an option to import the cruise details from within AXUS. If this is a NEW itinerary click "Import" under the Itineraries Tab.  


Select the tab titled "Import". From the drop down Vendor field choose Signature Cruises, enter in the cruise Offer ID, and click the below button to "Import Itinerary." Note, this will bring in general cruise details and have no association with passenger information.  


Additionally, agents can add a Signature Cruise within an EXISTING itinerary by selecting the "Import Vendor" button as seen below.



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