ClientBase Import Controls - Stopping the ClientBase Import (Itinerary vs. Bookings)

Agents can choose to stop ClientBase importing for individual AXUS bookings by checking the box "Stop ClientBase import." This box can be found by clicking "edit" or the name of the booking.

If the import is connected, all updates will need to be added directly into ClientBase. This will prevent any overwriting of information.

Please note, fields connected to the ClientBase import will be READ ONLY on the AXUS side. Fields that do not continuously sync with ClientBase (i.e. those which are not greyed out) can be edited while the import is on and will not be overwritten.


Once the "Stop ClientBase import" box has been checked, agents are able to manually edit all information within that AXUS booking.

Please note: if new information is added to the AXUS booking and this box is then unchecked (i.e. ClientBase is once again connected) newly added information will be overwritten during the next ClientBase import.

TO DISCONNECT THE IMPORT FOR AN ENTIRE ITINERARY (i.e. disconnecting the full ClientBase res card from the AXUS itinerary) - click on the GEAR icon and check off the box to "Stop ClientBase import" 

Disconnecting the ClientBase import at the Itinerary Level will:

1) Automatically disconnect the import for ALL individual bookings and open all booking fields to be altered in AUXS 

2) Prevent newly created ClientBase reservations or alterations in the res card from importing into the AXUS itinerary.

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