Can I transfer an account to another advisor?

AXUS subscriptions are seat-based, so you or your organization maintain a certain number of "seats", or accounts, that can be distributed to individual advisors. Since each seat is set up using unique information for a particular advisor - email addresses and itineraries, for example - it can be complicated to transition that account to another person.

The easier way to replace one advisor with another is to deactivate the first advisor's account and invite a different advisor to join in their place. That way you'll still be using the same number of seats, but the new advisor will be able to customize their own account setup from the very beginning. Simply visit the Advisors page and click on the X to deactivate the advisor account you wish to replace. Then use the New Advisor tool to invite their replacement to join.

If you are the only advisor on an account and wish to replace yourself with someone else, or if you need to add more seats to your subscription, please contact our team at

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