How can I prevent other advisors from seeing my itineraries and travelers?

There are two ways to set your privacy settings, which allow the option to share or hide your itineraries and travelers from other advisors in your agency.

The first is during the sign-up process. After completing the first page (agency name, address, IATA #, and consortia) you will have the option to "Join as a New Agency/ Independent Contractor" or you can choose to join within your agency's pre-registered account.

If you choose to join your agency's account, a privacy checkbox will appear at the bottom of the page. If you prefer to keep your itineraries and travelers private, simply uncheck the box. 

Joining as a "New Agency/ Independent Contractor", automatically keeps your itineraries and travelers private. Additionally, you will have the option to use your own branding (logo and color) within your itineraries. 

The second spot to locate the privacy checkbox is under your PROFILE settings listed below your name 

Here you can choose to un-check the box to have your itinerary and traveler information private. 

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