How do I add documents and destination guides to my itinerary?

Attaching supporting documents to an AXUS Travel App itinerary is a great way to include documents like cruise deck plans, scanned copies of passports, visa paperwork, destination guides, maps, etc.

You can attach any PDF, jpg, png and gif files under 10 MB by uploading them to the Documents section of an itinerary. You can even arrange the documents in a particular order by adding numbers to the beginning of the document name. Simply click the gear icon next to the document name "Edit Document" and add 01, 02, 03 accordingly. 

**For travelers who are unable to open support documents via their smart phone, please refer to the following article: Why Can't My Travelers Open Their Additional Documents In Their AXUS Mobile App?

For those with a travel42 subscription, you can also add destination guides with the click of a button. For more information please refer to the following article: Connecting my travel42 account to AXUS

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