Importing travel bookings using confirmation emails

AXUS allows you to import vendor confirmations directly into your account via email to then be assigned to specific itineraries. You can forward by email vendor confirmations that you have received directly from airlines, car rental agencies, rail, cruises, hotels and even OpenTable to the unique parsing email address provided under your profile. You can also import GDS PDFs such as Sabre TripCase documents using your "Bookings+" email address.

Confirmations must be forwarded to your FULL Bookings+ email address

(example below, note "Bookings+" is included in the email address)


Keep in mind that you cannot email import entire itineraries that you have received from a tour operator, wholesaler or DMC.

More information can be found in the following article: Where can I find the booking confirmations I sent to my parsing email address?

Click HERE for a look at the parsing software’s supported emails formats and vendors

For questions on why a particular confirmation did not parse into AXUS, please refer to the following article: Why didn’t the booking confirmations I sent to my parsing email address import?

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