What format must flight bookings be in for the Flight Tracking feature to work?

In order for Flight Tracking to work for a particular flight booking, please be sure:

1. The record locator is entered in all caps.

* Only ONE record locator can be entered per AIR booking. Multiple record locators can be entered in the NOTES section for the traveler's reference. 

2. An airline has been selected from the Airline drop-down menu.

3. The flight number has been entered without the airline code and without a leading zero (i.e. 017 should be entered 17)

* Only ONE flight number can be entered per AIR booking. 

4. Departure and Arrival cities, dates and times must all be selected.

5. The itinerary is PUBLISHED. 

6. The mobile app must have a Wifi or Data connection established to receive push notifications regarding flights.

If this information is all correct, your travelers will receive the appropriate status alerts and notifications connected to their flights starting 24 hours prior to the flight segment's departure time. The itinerary must be PUBLISHED and loaded to the traveler's phone app in order for notifications to be received via the app


  • Text within an AIR booking is static and will require the travel planner to manually adjust all flight updates (or confirm an available flight update) directly in the AXUS booking/itinerary. 
  • All flight segments MUST be connected to an actual date or "sit" under a date header within the itinerary. Flights entered under the Pre or Post Travel section will get assigned a date based on the next available flight segment with the same flight details. This will trigger notifications to be sent incorrectly. 


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