Importing Itineraries and Bookings from the VENDORS tab

Please make sure to review imported information for accuracy. Edit and add images as needed.

Importing itineraries and bookings from your Vendors tab is fast and easy. For your first import, certain Vendors will require a connection to be established between the two accounts. You can do this by visiting the Vendors section and selecting the "Connect" button next to the Vendor name. 


You can also access vendor imports from your Itineraries page. Select the Import button, choose the Import tab and then select the Vendor you would like to import a specific booking. This will pull in the itinerary directly from the Vendor and automatically create a new, unpublished itinerary for you.



If you already have an AXUS itinerary in place, you can opt to import your bookings into the existing itinerary by going into the itinerary and selecting the link titled, "Import Vendor."


Note: Double check that your traveler email addresses are entered in the traveler profiles as this information is not always gathered by the Vendor and therefore not supplied in the import.

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