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Wednesdays - 2:00 PM Eastern - Non-ClientBase advisors - Register Here

Wednesdays - 3:30 PM Eastern - ClientBase by Sabre advisors - Register Here

RECORDED WEBINARS from past sessions:

AXUS New User Training for Non Client Base Users

AXUS New User Training For ClientBase by Sabre Users



For companies based in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, please contact Greg Wilshire at for overview.

For companies based outside the above regions, please contact Bruno Mathieu Roy at


AXUS Q & A Sessions

Do you have a question about Axus? Do you need us to explain a process? Send us information on a topic for our Axus Q & A. To do this, submit your question on the registration page.

Twice a month at 12:00 PM Eastern - Register Here


AXUS Advanced Training and Features Update 

Tuesdays (monthly) - 2:00 PM Eastern - Register Here

RECORDED WEBINARS from past sessions: 


August 2018 Topics: using external websites to add booking content (weather forecast, currency converter) and how to add multiple images using

September 2018 Topics: how to add multiple images using Canva, created/updated status for a booking/ itinerary, adding internal notes, list of companies using AXUS in order to collaborate, and more! 

October 2018 Topics: hide bookings from the traveler view and table of contents, changing the itinerary font style, refresher on how to use to add multiple images and quick review on adding external websites to enhance booking information. 

November 2018 Topics: group itinerary creation, how to create a post trip survey, and refresher on hiding bookings from the traveler view and table of contents. 

December 2018 Topics: quote and proposal creation and how to generate a quote/ proposal without itinerary dates from your Library.

January 2019 Topics: non-traveler facing fields added at itinerary and booking level, pulling up a browser search bar, review on using an image URL from Google, creating content to prepare travelers on "what to expect" when using their mobile app.

February 2019 Topics: how to share, copy, and save the PDF version of the itinerary straight from the mobile app, refresher on navigating through itineraries that includes using your browser's search bar (or a Chrome extension such as Twinword Finder) to quickly filter through itineraries based on dates and keywords.

March 2019 Topics: tips for working with back to back cruises in the same itinerary and a preview of the new itinerary filter options.

April 2019 Topics: introduction to new itineraries filters, adding client specific details to a traveler profile (i.e. FF numbers, birthdays, preferences, etc), review of adding itineraries to agent's mobile app. 

May 2019 Topics: how to insert a page break between bookings on the PDF, a quick refresher on what it means to LINK bookings from one itinerary to another, and how to view which itineraries are linked via their connected bookings. 

Nov 2019 Topics: Creating an itinerary header collage using Canva. How to look up a cruise manually. How to add an additional cabin. Disembark workaround. Labeling transportation bookings using the service provider field. Editing traveler names within the Traveler Profile. Labeling Flights. Filters. Hold Filter Box. Deleted Itineraries. Phone Hyperlinks. Website Hyperlinks: Weather & Currency Converter. Using internal notes as a planning space. Utilizing your library - passport validity reminder. GOGO Vacations, Island Destinations, Avanti Destinations

Feb 2020 Topics: Advisor Contact Inside the Mobile App // Collaboration Notes // Air Feature: Additional Title Info Box // Staff Traveler


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