How do I add images to itineraries and bookings?

AXUS Travel App provides three easy ways to add images to an itinerary or individual booking:

1. Select and upload from images saved to your computer *

2. Copy and paste an image URL from the internet *

3. Search AXUS's integrated destinations gallery featuring thousands of copyright free images for your use.

These options are found at the Itinerary level (Gear icon to "Edit Itinerary") or within a Booking edit window.

AXUS also remembers images that you have previously added to a supplier. Once you've added an image for a particular hotel or vendor, the next time anyone in your organization selects that vendor, the image will automatically populate.

*Step by Step details when choosing images from GOOGLE IMAGES:

To begin, right click on the image. Then choose one of the following:

1) "Open Image in a New Tab" - once the new tab is opened, the image URL can be copied and pasted into AXUS. 

2) "Save Image As..." - image can be saved to the desktop and then uploaded directly into AXUS. 




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  • 1
    Barb Rowe

    Why won't it let me use my own photos. I have tried often and most will load but not fully load.

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    Nanami Granger

    I have the same problem...

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