Why didn’t the booking confirmations I sent to my parsing email address import?

AXUS Travel App reads and imports booking confirmations that are successfully parsed by our parsing engine AwardWallet. 

Note: that it can take up to 7 -12 minutes from when you send the email for a booking to fully import and display within your AXUS account. 

Most third party sites do not accept email addresses that include a "+" symbol in them, so you should always have the confirmations sent to your own address first before forwarding them into AXUS using your parsing email.

Possible reasons why your vendor confirmation did not parse successfully into AXUS:

1) The confirmation was in a language not yet supported by our parsing software. 

2) Your confirmation was not computer generated or an original vendor confirmation email. For example:

  • Information was copied and pasted into the email body
  • A scanned document
  • A hand typed day by day itinerary from a tour operator, DMC, or wholesaler. 
  • The confirmation includes a LINK to view the trip details, however, no travel details are displayed on the confirmation
  • Multiple attachments have been included on one confirmation - we recommend sending each PDF attachment in a separate email. 

3) You did not include the words BOOKINGS+ when forwarding your vendor confirmation (i.e. you will need to enter your full Bookings+ email address) 

4) Your confirmation was sent multiple times before the system was able to successfully parse the travel information

If your booking confirmation did not import and does not match one of the reasons above, please email so we can explore why the parse was unsuccessful. In the interim, you may prefer to enter the booking manually to ensure accuracy.

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