How to add multiple users in my organization to collaborate

All advisors who share the same agency profile have the ability to view and collaborate on itineraries assigned to another user in their organization. This feature makes it more convenient than ever to support one another, reuse booking details, transfer an itinerary to a colleague, or view travelers’ past itineraries across agents.

If you would like to add multiple advisors to your itinerary, simply click on the Invite Collaborator icon under the name of the itinerary (in blue). 

A window will pop up allowing you to type in the name of the advisor you would like to invite to collaborate. One you have clicked on the name of the desired advisor, simply click the button "Invite Collaborator"

"Invite Collaborator" button can be found behind the drop down menu - for the image below

Advisors within your organization are now able to access the specific itinerary under their personal ITINERARIES page, edit the itinerary, and receive any app. specific messages sent from the travelers.

To completely REASSIGN an itinerary to another advisor within your organization you will want to click on the icon to the top right in blue:

A window will pop-up and you will select the name of the advisor in which you would like to make the primary advisor. Make sure to click the "submit" button once you have selected the new primary advisor's name.

Once completed, this will cause for the itinerary to be completely removed from your view.







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