Create a self booking link for Project Expedition

Quickly and easily provide all of your travelers your self booking link from Project Expedition.  This gives your traveler the ability to browse and purchase thousands of exciting tour and excursion options from all over the world all while earning you commission. *see further below how to obtain your own self booking links through Project Expeditions*

Step 1.

Go into your AXUS library and create a new Other/Notes entry type called, Project Expedition Self Booking link.  Add a Project Expedition banner image similar to the one provided for you here.  You can enter whatever descriptive text you like only making sure that you include your own self booking link which can be provided to you from the Project Expedition team.  



Step 2.

After creating the self booking entry in your library you can easily add it to all of your itineraries in the Pre-Travel Section as seen below:



* You can save the below banner image to use in your own Library booking.


Obtaining your Project Expedition self booking link/s:

To access your Project Expedition self booking link, load your account page here. On the My Account->Profile tab you will see "Your referral link" in the bottom right hand corner, and you can click "show".
- Also note, you can generate self booking links on all Project Expedition destination/tour/wishlist pages if you would like your clients landing page to be on a specific page. Even if a client lands on a specific page (e.g. Paris) they are still linked to you for the entire platform for commission purposes.
-> The link will not expire, your client can book anytime at any point in the future and you will receive commission. You will be copied on all booking vouchers.
For anyone interested in learning more about Project Expedition contact . For any sales/account management questions contact Jennifer - . 



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