Collaborator(s) Messaging

Are you collaborating often in your Axus itineraries with your company colleagues or external Axus users (your DMC, TO if you are an agency or vice versa)? 

You can now concentrate your communication with your collaborators inside your Axus itineraries, avoiding the endless back and forth between different computer windows, or just poluting your inbox. 


Inside your Axus itineraries you will find the Collaborator messaging icon on the bottom menu. 

Once in the Collaborators section pointed above, you will have the option to send a message to the collaborators and they will be archived in that section. Travelers DO NOT receive and cannot view those messages, 

When you send the message, you can select the collaborator to send him an email notification (coming from of this new message addressed to him. 

See here quickly how it works: 



IMPORTANT TO NOTE that if you have more than one collaborator inside your Colleagues/collaborator section ALL of them will see all the messages posted there by other Axus users of this itinerary, even if you have selected a specific collaborator to send the email notification. 


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