Itinerary Color Label

Introducing color labels.

You can now assign a colored label to your AXUS itineraries to help with categorization and filtering.




From the edit itinerary icon you can choose from five different colors to assign to your itineraries.  (only one color at a time)  There is no pre defined meaning of a color other than what you deem them to represent.  For example,  if  you need a way to identify certain trips as a proposal you could choose to label them all yellow, or if you need to identify itineraries that are fully paid for example you may choose to assign a green label to them.  Alternatively if you are a tour operator selling France, Italy, Spain and need an easy way to identify the itinerary by region you might label all Spain trips as green, Italy as Red, France as Blue.  The meanings of the labels are completely up to you and your process.


Once you assign an itinerary a color you can easily use the filter to show only itineraries that feature that specific color label.


The color labels are only visible to your specific log in, if you are collaborating on an itinerary the color label you may have will not be seen by the collaborator. 





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