AXUS "Cheat Sheet" to the New Itinerary Building Interface

Key Highlights of New Updates:

  • Reduced clicks to create bookings
  • Dramatically improved drag and drop experience
  • Improved ability to sort bookings regardless of associated times
  • Ability to recreate itineraries with a future start date while preserving the booking order
  • Accelerated navigation through the platform
  • Ability to "unlock all" bookings when collaborating on an itinerary  

"How To" Quick Link Videos:

  • How to add bookings to your itinerary, click HERE
  • How to sort bookings from one day to another, click HERE
  • How to adjust and shift itinerary level dates, click HERE

For a quick 9 minute demo of the New Itinerary Building Interface click, click HERE

For our users who signed up prior to June 15th, 2017:

  1. Want to take the online tour again? Click the following link to replay from within your AXUS account:
  2. For a recorded Show and Tell session from our webinar series, click HERE



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